Architectural Branding on Campus

The Fortress is an arena built for Full Sail University’s collegiate-level esports team Armanda. The largest collegiate esports arena in the country  (11,200+ sq. ft.), it has been built with the intention of adapting to a multitude of events. The structure it was built in was a preexisting building on the north-east side of campus, providing a new opportunity for signage and branding. The vinyl building wrap, Fortress walkway arch and backdoor awning are just a few of the on-campus signage/architectural design projects that were developed prior to opening it’s doors to events. Challenges of city sign permitting and adapting to structures already in place gave way to these unique and custom builds. Each of the images below are preceded by the original design comp created to pitch the idea.


Building Vinyl Wrap


Backdoor Awning

Fortress Archway Creative Consideration

The Fortress archway reaches over a walkway that runs through the heart of campus, declaring the Fortress is just beyond the bend. Not the only arch on campus, the other arch was also built as signage for an event venue. A completely different style, the Fortress arch was built to complement the newly renovated patio sitting just north of the sign. Using the textures of the brick and oil-rubbed bronze, the arch feels right in line with the modern patio while still harking back to a time of castles and well, fortresses. The initial concept used outdoor lighting effects to shed light on the E to accentuate the original branding design of the logo. These are compositions built for approval of the sign in the existing space, but if you look at the finished product you would never tell the difference. Such care was taken to make sure every detail was matched!

Fortress Grand Opening // 2019

Photos taken by Scott Herrick & Shannon Jacobs

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