Event Campaign Design

With designs reflecting elegance and class, the style of Full Sail’s 10th Hall of Fame elevated the event’s brand through simple yet effective design choices. Accents of metallic gold stood out against the timeless black that was used as a primary color choice – represented in all branded elements including event booklets, apparel, motion graphics, and giveaway items. The induction ceremony included a multi-tiered crystal chandelier that was bathed in golden lighting as motion graphics were displayed on a massive LED panel.


How it’s Made

To celebrate the occasion a large window installation was built to continue the branding throughout the space. Inspired by raindrop crystal chandeliers, the hanging sculpture incorporated over 250 hanging crystals that ultimately formed the shape of an X. Through trial and error each crystal was tied by hand, using fishing line, to rows of nails on the opposite side of a routed wooden board that was custom channeled to support LED lights that shine down on the crystals as they hang. The back wall of the case has a tasteful pattern of all 60 names and graduation dates/degrees earned by the inducted alumni of the past 10 years. Gold and white vinyl was applied to the inside of the double glass doors to incorporate the logomarks. A labor of love, this installation was a learning experience and a year-long reminder of the glamour of Hall of Fame X (10).

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