Full Sail University Tech Fest

Tech Fest is put on by Full Sail University’s High School Outreach Program at schools around the country to introduce future students to the world of entertainment, media, arts & technology. A traveling expo with multiple educational stations is set up in the gymnasium of the sponsor school to bring a full experience of emerging media. Opportunities to play with the latest AR/VR headsets, code a robot through a maze, compete in esports tournaments, 3D printing, and projection mapping give the students a view into a world of opportunities that await them. The realization of potential careers options is materialized and creativity is inspired.




This portion of the Tech Fest exposes potential students to the world of esports and Full Sail’s collegiate team Armada. With multiple large screens and gaming chairs, students can compete against eachother and have a hands-on experience in the world of professional gaming.


3D Arts

3D Arts is a compilation of different art and design techniques used in the 3D world. Students can try their hand at projection mapping on the Dream Wall, a mini reproduction of a physical installation on the Full Sail Campus Tour. A MacBook pro is available to let student try their hand at 3D mapping using a bump map of their very own likeness.



In addition to esports, a gaming station shows the depth involved in planning, programming, designing, and character/plot development to create a game.  There is a virtual reality (VR) experience with headset and hand controls to fully emerse the user. For some this may be the first time they have ever been exposed to this type of equipment, and there are guides to help get them set up as well as educate them on just how an experience like this is formed.


Creative Education

The school systems have been making a concerted effort to focus education on the core curriculum, and often times this can leave more creative electives without an option for many students. Our education is based on creative problem solving and engaging the imagination to build a future that has not yet even been dreamed of. Full Sail takes the dreams of it’s students seriously and in order to create more dreamers it is important to expose them to the opportunities at an early age. At a stage in life when anything is possible. Sharing these experiences with potential students is a way to open their eyes to career fields that are achieveable through creative education. A focus on entertainment, media, arts & technology helps to broaden their horizons and plan for their future doing something they love and are passionate about. To find out where a Tech Fest might be near you: fullsail.edu/about/events.

Exposure to Creative Problemsolving

Photos taken by Shawn Rinehart

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