Event Campaign Design

Hall of Fame Nine was all about the energy, bright colors that bring a fun energy to the event. With a main color like chartreuse, set against a dark indigo, the branding was clean, loud, bold and fun. Giving back was the theme for Hall of Fame Nine, the alumni giving back to the students and students giving back to the alumni. This theme is carried through in the logo design, in the ‘NINE’ you don’t have the second ‘N’ without the ‘I’ and the ‘E’ coming together to help each other. It is also reflected in the duotone portraits of the inductees, where one side of the duotone represents their profession and the other their personality. There were more secondary colors adopted in the Hall of Fame Nine palette than ever before. The branding was intentionally left open for modifications as translated throughout different pieces of collateral. The choices allowed the team to run with a lot of different ideas and let them play off the palette while still having unique looks.

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